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Antonio Maria Garcia Rodriguez (Spain) - Volunteer from June 2013 to February 2014

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Hello i am Antonio Maria Garcia Rodriguez, i'm from Spain, specifically from Avilés-Asturias (North of Spain), i did an EVS programme in Greece to help people whith disabilities in an organization in Thessaloniki (North of Greece) who called ICR Institute for Community Rehabilitation (IEA Ινστιτούτο Κοινωνιακής Αποκατάστασης).




This was not the first time that I communicated in other languages so i didn't feel unconfortable with it. Through the project I had gave me the possibility to apply and to practice my English skills by talking to and exchanging e-mails with young people from other countries, also talking on the phone. I started to learn Greek and step by step, I became more confident in expressing myself in the foreign languages.




Concerning my own experience, i want to say: it was a really good experience! I learned a lot of things related to office work, i organized meetings with people who wanted to be volunteers of our organization, i could also do my personal contribution, thanks my technical skills (welding, plumbing, masonry, electricity) a wall and stainless steel doors for the office, which you can see in the photos.




Finally, i enjoyed my time here, although not everything was as I expected, I am proud of my work in the organization and I hope also they feel the same as I do.




Greetings and thaks to read me ;)